DECIPHER Project research endeavors

As the urgency to address environmental challenges intensifies, innovative research initiatives are crucial. In this context, with the support provided by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Program, under grant agreement no. 101056898, the DECIPHER Project is a part of groundbreaking research endeavors on the biodiversity impact asessment and the potential of land use diversification. Thus, researchers from Radboud University, in collaboration with other prestigious institutions have delivered two articles in open access journals, shedding light on intensity of land use and the complexities of biodiversity conservation.

The first article, titled “Biodiversity Impact Assessment Considering Land Use Intensities and Fragmentation”  offers insights into the impact of land use intensities and fragmentation on biodiversity.

The second article, “Land Use Diversification May Mitigate On-site Land Use Impacts on Mammal Populations and Assemblages” underscores the potential of land use diversification as a means to alleviate on-site land use impacts on mammal populations and assemblage.

In light of these significant contributions, DECIPHER Project will continue sharing insights into its outcomes.

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